GNU ARM Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM development

KLxx template


The KLxx template is currently able to generate projects for the Kinetis KL25 and KL46 processor families.

Functionality is similar across all families, so we’ll describe in details only the KL25 family.

Project creation

To create a new, go to Eclipse menu, File → New (or the button in the upper left corner), and select C Project or C++ Project:

Create a new KL25 C++ project

Select the target processor and related settings:

Select the target details

Eventually configure the folders where you want the projects to be stored:

Configure the project folders

As for all C/C++ projects configure (usually only accept the suggested) build configurations:

Accept the build configurations

Finally select the toolchain and eventually configure the toolchain path:

Select the toolchain

Click the Finish button and the project is created.

The KL25 project structure is:

Common project structure