GNU ARM Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM development

Article - GNU ARM Eclipse is now available from Eclipse Marketplace

(This article was published in the ARM Connected Community blog, on Dec 9, 2015 and republished in Element 14, EmbDev, EEVBlog, STM32Duino, ST Forum
on Dec 9, 2015).


The GNU ARM Eclipse project includes a set of open source Eclipse plug-ins and tools to create/build/debug/manage ARM (32-bits) and AArch64 (64-bits) applications and static/shared libraries, using the latest GNU ARM GCC toolchains. 

Eclipse Marketplace

Aiming to further improve the user experience while installing/updating the plug-ins, the GNU ARM Eclipse project was registered to Eclipse Marketplace:

Eclipse Marketplace


The main advantage of using the Eclipse Marketplace is a simplified install procedure, no longer requiring to manually enter the update site address.

The Install button

The Eclipse Marketplace not only provides a centralised index to locate projects, it goes one step further and provides a drag-and-drop browser button.

Install button

As seen above, the button can be included in any web page.

To use it, drag-and-drop the button to a running Eclipse, and the plug-ins to install/update will be automatically identified:

Eclipse Marketplace Features

If, for any reason, this does not work, it is always possible to search the Eclipse Marketplace manually from within Eclipse menus:

Eclipse Marketplace Search

More info

For more details about the GNU ARM Eclipse project, please refer to the project site