GNU ARM Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM development

How to get support?

Plug-ins issues

In case you encounter problems while using the plug-ins, please consider the following:

If you still could not find a solution, if you have interesting use cases, if you have custom configurations, and generally if you have any experience that you want to share with others, please use the GNU ARM Eclipse forum.

GNU ARM Eclipse forum

If you are convinced you identified a bug (if you have doubts, use the forum), or you have a pertinent suggestion how to enhance the GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins, please use the GitHub Issues tracker.

Follow the recommendations in the CONTRIBUTING and add a new ticket.

GNU ARM Eclipse Issues

Tools issues

Similarly, each tool project has a separate GitHub Issue tracker.

Please note that these trackers are mostly intended to the GNU ARM Eclipse specifics of these tools (like packing, or specific changes), and for issues affecting the core functionality, the user will most probably be asked to refer to the tools trackers.

Web pages issues

If you discover problems in the content of these pages (typos, wrong phrasing, etc), or you have suggestions on how to improve them, you can use the Web Issues tracker.

Note: the migration from WordPress/MediaWiki to GitHub Pages involved quite significant changes to the web pages, including conversion to markdown, which was done partly with scripts, partly manually; we are aware that it is very likely that lots of mistakes are still present in the pages; we would appreciate any help in fixing them.

Use of private e-mail

Please, please, please: do not use private e-mail for support; such messages will be replied with a link to this page and the invitation to use the project forum. The reason for this rude behaviour is simply an attempt to use the time more efficiently; since the forum posts are public and archived, there is a chance that other people having similar problems will benefit from the answers.