GNU ARM Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM development

How to publish the OpenOCD binaries?

The OpenOCD binaries are published on GitHub Releases).

Update the Change log

In the project git, scan the log. In the documentation git, add new entries to the Change log (pages/openocd/, grouped by days.

Close issues on the way. Refer to them as:

  • [Issue:[#22](…)].

Update the CHANGES.txt file

In the project git, edit the gnuarmeclipse/info/CHANGES.txt file (copy the entries from the web change log).

Commit to the project git

In the gnuarmeclipse/openocd project, commit all changes.

Merge stable release

For stable releases, with SourceTree

  • change to the gnuarmeclipse branch
  • merge gnuarmeclipse-dev.

Push the project git

With SourceTree, push to the GitHub remote, the gnuarmeclipse and the gnuarmeclipse-dev branches.

Check/clone/pull build scripts

Be sure the scripts in the build-scripts.git are up to date.

$ git clone \


Important note: Before starting the build, double check if the repository is clean (all changes were commited), otherwise the build version will be stamped with -dirty).

$ bash ~/Downloads/build-scripts.git/scripts/ cleanall
$ bash ~/Downloads/build-scripts.git/scripts/ checkout-stable
$ caffeinate bash 
$ bash ~/Downloads/build-scripts.git/scripts/ --all

Prepare a new blog post to announce the release

In the documentation git:

  • add a new file to _posts/openocd/releases
  • name the file like
  • name the post like: GNU ARM Eclipse OpenOCD v0.10.0-20160110*-dev released.

Update the release post with the MD5 sums

Copy/paste the build report at the end of the post as






Update the web

  • commit the project; use a message like OpenOCD v0.10.0-20160110*-dev released
  • run jekyll-build.command
  • commit the project; use a message like OpenOCD v0.10.0-20160110*-dev released
  • push the project

Create the release

  • for stable releases, be sure the gnuarmeclipse branch is up to date and set as default
  • go to the GitHub Releases page
  • click Draft a new release
  • name the tag like gae-0.10.0-20160110
  • select thegnuarmeclipse or gnuarmeclipse-dev branch
  • name the release like GNU ARM Eclipse OpenOCD v0.10.0-201601101000-dev
  • as description, copy the first paragraph from the Web release page
  • add a link to the Web page [Continue reading »]()
  • get URL from web and update the above link
  • attach binaries and MD5 (drag and drop from the archives folder will do it)
  • click the Publish Release button

Note: at this moment the system should send a notification to all clients watching this project.

Copy binaries to the local archive folder

  • go to .../GNU ARM Eclipse/archive
  • move the latest binaries and MD5 to releases/openocd

Share on Facebook

  • go to the new post and follow the Share link.
  • DO NOT select On your own Timeline, but On a Page you manage
  • select GNU ARM Eclipse
  • posting as GNU ARM Eclipse
  • click Post to Facebook
  • check the post in the Facebook page