GNU ARM Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM development

The GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins license

The copyright owner for all the GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins is Liviu Ionescu and all rights are reserved.

Eclipse Public License

As the sole copyright owner, Liviu Ionescu released the GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins for public use under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0.

Commercial Contributors

For a sustainable project development, Commercial Contributors are welcomed to share part of the development costs by means of commercial contracts (for maintenance, integration support or developing new features) and/or by sponsorships/donations (generally compensating for pre-exisiting work included in their derivative work).

Dual license?

We considered the opportunity of released future versions under dual license, the Eclipse Public License for all Recipients excluding subsequent Commercial Contributors, and a commercial license, where the license fee will no longer be waived.

What does the license mean in plain English?

For end-users

The GNU ARM Eclipse end-users are generally software developers; for them the license means two things:

  • it guarantees they can use the plug-ins for free, to develop any type of applications they want, private or commercial, without any limitations;
  • the plug-ins are provided on an as is basis, without warrantees or conditions of any kind.

For Commercial Contributors

Commercial Contributors are subsequent for-profit contributors who include the GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins in their derivative work, generally development environments/tools, and provide them to third parties (either for-profit or for-free).

Binary files

If only the binary versions of the original plug-ins are repacked in the derivative work, then the only requirement is to preserve the copyright notice and publish it together with all other copyright notices.

An example of such a notice is:

XYZ Design Studio includes features from GNU ARM Eclipse, Copyright © 2009 Liviu Ionescu.

Source file changes

If the derived work implies any change in the source code, or in the procedures used to build the program, in addition to preserving the copyright notice, the modified source files or procedures must also be made public.

License fees

Strictly speaking, the Eclipse Public License does not mandate the Commercial Contributor to pay any license fee.

Well… if you plan to never contact us (for support or anything else), as long as you respect the license terms, you are free to use the binaries or derive work from the sources, and we’ll do nothing to prevent you from doing so.

Whether this is fair or not, is highly debatable (we consider it greatly unfair).

However, if you plan to contact us for any reason, please take note that having the quality of project sponsor/donor will grant you higher priority in processing requests and possibly better rates for commercial contracts.

In other words, consider the sponsorship scheme as a warranty that you’ll not have to pay license fees for future versions.

Commercial contracts

In addition to becoming sponsors/donors, Commercial Contributors can also support the GNU ARM Eclipse project by paying commercial contracts to develop new features and releasing the results with the same Eclipse Public License.

General purpose features will have higher priority than vendor specific features, and might also benefit from better rates.

Sponsorships & donations

To prevent changing the license terms, this project will depend both on commercial contracts and on sponsorships & donations.