GNU ARM Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM development

ilg.gnuarmeclipse.managedbuild.cross - persistent values & toolchain ids

The build tools path

The build tools path preference is:

buildTools.path=C:/Program Files/GNU ARM Eclipse/Build Tools/bin

This value can be stored in all persistent scopes (Eclipse, workspace, project).

The default toolchain

The default toolchain preference is: Tools for ARM Embedded Processors

It is stored in the Eclipse scope.

Toolchain paths

The toolchain path preferences are:


The toolchain ID is described below.

Currently these preferences are stored in the Eclipse scope.

Toolchain IDs

The numerical value in the path property is the toolchain ID, computed as the absolute value of the Java hash of the name string.

The list of supported toolchains and their IDs:

Name ID
GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors 1287942917
Sourcery CodeBench Lite for ARM EABI 730666677
Sourcery CodeBench Lite for ARM GNU/Linux 132202943
devkitPro ARM EABI 599899493
Yagarto, Summon, etc. ARM EABI 1195655929
Linaro ARMv7 bare-metal EABI 976189281
Linaro ARMv7 big-endian bare-metal EABI 1341156853
Linaro ARMv7 Linux GNU EABI HF 280381241
Linaro ARMv7 big-endian Linux GNU EABI HF 1733862821
Linaro AArch64 bare-metal ELF 1871385609
Linaro AArch64 big-endian bare-metal ELF 2048201829
Linaro AArch64 Linux GNU 1246627524
Linaro AArch64 big-endian Linux GNU 681852136
Custom 2029746065

Note: in March 2015, the name of the Linaro ARMv7 big-endian Linux GNU EABI HF toolchain was updated to be consistent with the other names (lower case big-endian instead of Big-Endian).


All persistent values can be given defaults, for example:

ilg.gnuarmeclipse.managedbuild.cross/buildTools.path=C:/Program Files/GNU ARM Eclipse/Build Tools/bin

ilg.gnuarmeclipse.managedbuild.cross/ Tools for ARM Embedded Processors

Defaults only properties:

# One of the following will be set to${user.home}/AppData/Local/Programs/GNU Tools ARM Embedded;c:/Program Files/GNU Tools ARM Embedded;c:/Program Files (x86)/GNU Tools ARM Embedded${user.home}/local:/usr/local${user.home}/Applications/GNU Tools ARM Embedded:${user.home}/local:/usr/local

# Set to false to disable the folder check.