GNU ARM Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM development

GNU ARM Eclipse QEMU v2.4.50-20151029*-dev released GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins v2.10.2-201511061603 released

GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins v2.10.1-201510291730 released

Version 2.10.1-201510291730 is a new release; the main improvements are: support for Cortex-M7, adding a STM32F7xx template, and an Analog Devices ADuCM36x template.

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New features

Addressed bugs

  • [SF bugs#195] the content of the Toolchains tab was not updated when the build configuration changed; fixed.

Template issues

  • the CMSIS Core was updated to v4.4;
  • the STM32F4 HAL was updated to v1.9.0;
  • the implementation of assert_failed() was made weak, to allow redefinitions.

Other changes

  • part of the µOS++ III code used by the templates (ARM Core, STM32F4 CMSIS, STM32F4 HAL) was migrated to separate packages, available in the GitHub project xPacks. Eventually the entire dependency on µOS++ III will be migrated to separate packages.

Known problems

  • none so far