GNU ARM Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM development

GNU ARM Eclipse QEMU v2.2.92-20150404*-dev released GNU ARM Eclipse OpenOCD v0.9.0-20150519* released

GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins v2.8.1-201504061754 released

Version 2.8.1-201504061754 is a new release; the main improvement is the addition of an experimental QEMU Debugging plug-in, using the GNU ARM Eclipse QEMU emulator.

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New features:

The following bugs were addressed:

  • [bugs:#176] in certain conditions, changing the newlib destination folder in the STM template wizard resulted in an error; fixed

In the projects generated by the templates, the following issues were addressed:

  • [bugs:#177] the vectors table for STM32F411 projects had a range of vectors generated twice; fixed
  • when generating semihosted projects, the infinite loop was replaced by a finite loop; the number of loops is taken from argv[1].

Known problems:

  • QEMU emulates only Cortex-M3 instructions; specific Cortex-M4 instructions are not supported;
  • the QEMU emulator supports a limited set of ARM system registers, like those controlling SysTick, and the NVIC; vendor specific peripherals are not yet supported;
  • the 64-bits Windows version of QEMU has some DLL problems and fails to start; until a solution is found, the 32-bits version of QEMU can be used on Windows 64-bits too.