GNU ARM Eclipse

A family of Eclipse CDT extensions and tools for GNU ARM development

Sponsorship & donations

Financial status

Since September 2013, when a time tracking solution was put in place, more than 2.800 development hours were accounted, with the bulk of them being advanced by a single private person.

Out of these, the following were covered by commercial contracts:

  • 400h by Infineon, for integrating the J-Link Debugging plug-in in DAVE and further developing the peripheral registers view

The current financial status is a steady red -2.400h.

The situation is obviously not sustainable on long term, and, in order for the project to grow, further support is expected, especially from Commercial Contributors (see the license page for details).

Sponsorship opportunities

Companies interested in supporting the GNU ARM Eclipse project and seeing their logo in the project web, can apply for various levels of sponsorship.

To simplify things, the unit of sponsorship is set at 100 development hours.

Gold Sponsors

Generous sponsors that contribute at least 3 sponsorship units (300 hours) will be awarded the status of Gold Sponsors, and their logo will be shown on the project home page.


Apart from sponsors, any other financial contribution to the project is gladly accepted as a donation.

If you want to help the development efforts of this project, please use the PayPal Donate button available in the bottom of the page.

From the legal point of view, the donation goes to a small company called Aviation Instruments Intl SRL, which is the legal entity used to handle, among other things, the GNU ARM Eclipse project.

Many thanks to the following donors (in chronological order):

  • Rolf Segger, Germany
  • Erich Styger, Switzerland
  • Alan Adamson, USA
  • Vidar Berg, Norway
  • Danilo Bessone, Italy
  • Stern Technologies, USA
  • Robin Clark, UK
  • Alain Mosnier, Sweden
  • Philip Gruebele, USA
  • Lieven Merckx, Belgium
  • Brinton Engineering, USA
  • Armin van der Togt, Holland
  • Kamil Rogozinski, Australia
  • Bjørn Forsman, Norway